Chemical Substances

Examples of familiar chemicals substances are pure water, table salt (sodium chloride), and sugar (sucrose). Generally, substances exist in the solid, liquid, or gas phase, and they may change from one phase to another during changes in temperature or pressure. What are called chemical substances?

Chemicals substances are elements, compounds or mixtures: elements are just those substances that have no others as components. Elements in this sense are the building blocks of chemical composition. The World Health Organisation has identified 10 (group of) chemicals of major. chemicals substances. Is salt a chemical? In chemistry, a salt is a chemical compound. consisting of an ionic assembly of positively charged cations. negatively charged anions, which results in a compound with no net electric charge.
chemical substances
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A common example is table salt, with positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged chloride ions. What is in a substance? Substances consist of both elements and compounds. Elements are composed of one type of atom, whereas compounds are composed of two or more types of atoms. Substances can only be separated by chemical changes. Mixtures are a combination of two or more substances. What is meant by a substance? The World Health Organisation has identified 10 (group of) chemicals 

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