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Chemical Name

Calcium borate

Other Names

Di-calcium hexaborate pentahydrate, Colemanite

Identifiers (CAS #)


Typical B₂O₃ Content


 Calcium Borate Fertilizer

Buy Calcium Borate Fertilizer Properties

Product # : 1377
Name : Calcium Borate
Synonyms: Calcium tetraborate
Formula: CaB4O7
Purity: 98%: CAS Number
12007-56-6: Molecular Weight
195.32: Color & Form
White solid: Melting Point
986° C: Solubility in water
Completely Soluble

Buy Calcium Borate Fertilizer Advantages:

The addition of Boron in Calcium nitrate affords any other crucial nutrient, required for great in horticultural plants. Boron deficiency is the maximum not unusualplace nutrient ailment globally, and might lessen crop yields due to bad flowering and fruit set or bad increase.

The want for Boron in flowering plants is maximum all through flowering as it’s miles concerned withinside the increase of pollen tubes and whilst fruit are set, because of the excessive boron content material in reproductive organs.


NitroCal+B may be implemented as a band or broadcast software or implemented via the fertigation device and is appropriate to be used at some point of the length of the crop, starting all through the very early levels of the season or crop improvement.


General dry unfold quotes for horticultural plants are among eighty to 250 kg/ha as a range software and among 25 to 70 kg/ha via fertigation. The real quotes, wide variety of programs and their timing will range substantially for extraordinary plants and for extraordinary districts. Before software, are trying to find recommendation out of your Campbell’s distributor or your nearby agronomist.


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