Formic Acid For Sale – Buy Formic Acid


Molar Weight 46.025 g/mol
Melting Point 8,4 °C
Boiling Point 100,8 °C
Flash Point 69 °C
Specific Gravity 1.220g/Ml

Formic Acid For Sale

The Formic Acid For Sale, systematically referred to as methanoic acid, is the best carboxylic acid and has the chemical method HCOOH. It is an essential intermediate in chemical synthesis and most significantly takes place certainly in a few ants. The phrase “formic” comes from the Latin phrase for ant, formica, which refers back to the early isolation of ant our bodies through distillation. Esters, salts and anion derived from formic acid are referred to as formate. Industrially, formic acid is comprised of methanol.

What is formic acid used for

Formic acid is miscible with water and maximum polar natural solvents and particularly soluble in hydrocarbons. In hydrocarbons and withinside the vapor phase, it includes hydrogen-bonded dimers instead of character molecules. Due to its hydrogen bonding tendency, gaseous formic acid does now no longer obey the appropriate fueloline law. Solid formic acid, which may be determined in both of the 2 polymorphs, includes an correctly infinite community of hydrogen-bonded formic acid molecules. Formic acid paperwork a low boiling azeotrope with water (“.4). Liquid formic acid has a tendency to overcool.

Formic acid ph Specification

Formic Acid, additionally called Methanoic in IUPAC name, is a chemical takes place clearly withinside the surroundings and can also be observed in ants. The phrase ‘Formic’ became derived from the Latin phrase for ant, which is ‘formic.’ The chemical also can be produced industrially via way of means of the usage of methanol. It is similarly the only shape of carboxylic Acid you could find. The chemical is represented via way of means of the chemical system H2CO2. This chemical is provided with 99% purity.

Chemical Appearance of Formic Acid Formula

Formic acid is a drab liquid that emits a robust odor. The substance has a robust, pervasive odor. As a liquid, the chemical is miscible with water. It’s additionally miscible in different drinks like ether, acetone, methanol, and ethanol. It is barely soluble in drinks consisting of benzene, xylene, and toluene.
Chemical Applications and Strengths.

The Formic Acid Formula

Formic acid formular is a chemical this is used as a uncooked cloth in quite a few industries. As a result, you could placed it to quite a few uses. The following are a number of the chemical’s applications:
  • Formic Acid is applied for the manufacturing of insecticides for agricultural functions.
  • It is likewise applied withinside the leather-based and rubber making industries for leather-based tanning and different comparable usage.
  • The chemical is used for dye-making via way of means of the dye-making industry.
    the chemical used for material processing, dyeing, and fabric printing withinside the fabric-making industry.
  • It additionally serves as an business solvent, floor remedy agent, and rubber auxiliary.
  • It is likewise used for protection functions and as an antibacterial agent in cattle feed manufacturing.
    Formic Acid facilitates in growing solder wettability withinside the soldering process.


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