Granular urea fertilizer for Sale – Buy urea 46


It is a first-class granulated fertiliser appropriate to be used on grass early withinside the season to present early season grass or for cereal pinnacle dressing later withinside the season.

Product details

Brand SeedRanch
Item Weight 50 Pounds
Item Form Granular

Granular  Urea Fertilizer – 46-0-0 Granular – 50 Lbs.

The agricultural enterprise broadly makes use of Granular Urea Fertilizer, a white crystalline stable containing forty six percentage nitrogen as an animal feed additive and fertilizer. Here, we’ll attention on its function as a nitrogen fertilizer.
In the beyond decade, urea has exceeded and almost changed ammonium nitrate as a fertilizer. This has added up new questions on urea and the way to use it.

Physical Form of Urea 46

You should buy fertilizer urea as prills or as a granulated cloth. In the past, it turned into typically produced with the aid of using losing liquid urea from a prilling tower whilst drying the product. The prills fashioned a smaller and softer substance than different substances normally utilized in fertilizer blends. Today, large urea is synthetic as granules. Granules are larger, more difficult and extra immune to moisture. As a result, granulated urea has come to be a extra appropriate cloth for fertilizer blends.

Advantages of Urea 45 Fertilizer

  • You can observe urea to soil as a solid, answer or, for sure crops, a foliar spray.
  • Usage entails very little hearthplace or explosion hazard.
  • Urea’s excessive analysis – forty six percentage N – facilitates lessen handling, garage and transportation charges over different dry N forms.
  • Urea production releases few pollution to the environment.
  • When well applied, it outcomes in crop yield will increase identical to different kinds of nitrogen.

Efficiently uses of urea 46-0-0

Nitrogen from urea may be misplaced to the surroundings if fertilizer urea stays at the soil floor for prolonged durations of time for the duration of heat weather. The key to maximum correctly the use of urea is to include it into the soil for the duration of a tillage operation. You also can mixture it into the soil with irrigation water. As little as 0.25 inches of rainfall is enough to mixture urea deep sufficient into the soil so ammonia losses won’t occur.


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