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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC resin)

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Property of PVC Resin Powder.

In normal ambient, PVC resin is amorphous white powder with density of 1.35-145g/cm3 and apparent density of 0.45-0.65g/cm3, not solved in water, gasoline, alcohol, but can solved in organic solvent such as ether, ketones, chloridized aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons with many good functions such as antiflaming, high resistant on chemicals, high mechanical strengths and excellent electric insulativity.

PVC resin is widely used in plastic working. building material and light industry. It can be used as insulating layer of metal wire, thin sheet, board plates, hose, pipe, leathering, soft goods and toy, as well as food or drug packaging film or packaging box.

Kraft paper bag with internal lining plastic bag, 25+0.2kg net each .

Transport and Storage

Use clean vehicles during transportation and prevent rain. The product is not dangerous goods and can be transported as normal product. The product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse and stacked by lots, Stacked in open air are not allowed to prevent solarization and wetting.

Grade Selection: 

Grade Based Polymerization   Process Application
SG-5 calcium carbide   based Suspension R-PVC profiles,   pipes, fittings, broads and sandals, etc.
SG-8 calcium carbide   based Suspension  PVC fittings, windows, doors, etc.
1000 ethylene based Suspension Pipe,profiles,dalle,rigid   and semi-rigid products.


Supply specification 

                                   Items               SG-5             SG-8             1000
K-Value              66 – 68             55-59            66 – 68
Average   Degree of Polymerization            981-1135           740-650          981-1135
Number   of Impurity Particles, specks                16                20               16
Volatiles, %               0.40               0.40              0.30
Apparent   Bulk Density,g/ml               0.48               0.50              0.48
Particle Size, % ≥ 0.25mm                1.6                2.0               1.6
≥ 0.063mm      97 95                95
Number   of Fish Eye (/400 cm2)      20                 30                20
Plasticizer   Absorption of 100g Resin ,g      19                 12                20
Whiteness   (160℃, 10 min.), %      78                 74                85
VCM   Residue, PPM                  5                   5                  3

Above is just part of our grades, if you want to know further information or more grades, please contact

Packaging and Storage

25kg paper bags, or 1150kg / 1200kg super sacks.

The product is not classified as a hazardous material.


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