Tall Oil Fatty Acid – Buy Liquid Rosin

Uses and applications

Tall oil fatty acid, CAS# 61790-12-3, is a yellowish liquid chemical compound that is a product of crude tall oil
distillation. They are used in alkyd and wood coatings, lubricants, industrial cleaners, anionic flotation reagents, oilfield additives, corrosion inhibitors, metalworking fluids, and surfactants.

Physical/chemical properties

Physical state: Liquid.
Color: Yellow.
Odor: Bland
Explosive properties: Non-explosive
Flash point: 199°C (closed cup).

Tall Oil Fatty Acid

Tall oil fatty acids are offered in markets that use them in raw shape and as precursors to synthesize an array of products. Liquid Rosin derivatives consist of dimers, alkyds, PVC stabilizers, artificial lubricant polyamides, and a number of oilfield chemicals.

Description of Liquid Rosin

The Liquid Rosin is designed mainly for the gas section as a diesel gas additive. Tall oil fatty acids is acquired through the fractional distillation of crude oil, a derivative from the pulping of pine trees. Tall oil fatty acids are utilized in dimer acids, alkyd resins, oilfield chemicals, metalworking fluids, liquid cleaners, fabric chemicals, gas additives, production chemicals, rubber and tire, steel stabilizers, ore flotation, and fatty derivatives.
 tall oil fatty acid specification

Shipping tallow oil fatty acid

  • PVC Iron Drum, 180kg net each, 80 drums per 20’FCL

. Special packaging is available on request.


  • do not store in direct sunlight
  • keep away from heat, sparks and open flame
  • store at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • use care in handling/storage

Environmental effects

The information contained in the table below is intended to provide brief and general information of this product’s
environmental impact. Products are not classified as persistent, bioac cumulative and toxic (PBT).

Health effects

The information contained in the table below may be useful to someone handling the concentrated substance
such as a manufacturer or transporter. Consumers are not likely to come in contact with the concentrated
substance. The data, while verifiable, are not intended to be comprehensive nor replace the data found in the
safety data sheet (SDS).


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