Urea Phosphate Formula – Urea phosphate Fertilizer

Urea Phosphate (17-44-0)

Molecular formula:H₃PO₄.CO(NH₂)₂
CAS NO.:4861-19-2

25kg plastic woven bag, PE bag
500kg/1000kg BB

Drip irrigation, foliar spray
Raw material for water-soluble NPK compound fertilizer production

Urea Phosphate Formula

The solubility of urea phosphate Formula  in water + phosphoric acid from (277.00 to 354.50) K became measured via means of a artificial technique at atmospheric pressure, wherein laser tracking remark gadget used. The experimental information have been correlated with the Apelblat equation, and the common relative deviation (ARD) among experimental information and calculated information changed into best 1.61 %. The end result is a vital supplement to the information of urea phosphate solubility.

Product Description of Urea phosphate | CH7N2O5P

Catalogue Number U822525
Chemical Name Urea Phosphate Salt
Synonyms Urea, Compound. with H3PO4 (7CI); Bepikor 1; Carbamide Phosphoric Acid; Urea Compd. with Phosphoric Acid (1:1); Urea Dihydrogen Phosphate; Urea Monophosphate; Urea Orthophosphate; Urea Phosphate;
CAS Number 4861-19-2
Alternate CAS # Free Base (Urea): 57-13-6
Molecular Formula CH4N2O • (H3O4P)
Molecular Weight 60.06 + (98.00)
Category Building Blocks; Miscellaneous;
Applications Urea Phosphate Salt is used in the production technology of fertilizers for fertigation of orchards and berry fields.
References Borowik, M., et al.: Chemik, 59, 13 (2006); Galeckiene, J., et al.: Chemine Technologija, 3, 84 (2003)
CARBAMIDE PHOSPHATE, Urea orthophosphate, Harnstoffphosphat, urea dihydrogenphosphate, urea,acidic phosphate, Urea PhosphateUP, Urea-phosphoricacid, urea trihydrophosphate

Synonyms of Urea phosphate Formula :

Urea,phosphate (1:1);Urea,compd. with H3PO4;Carbamide phosphoric acid;Urea monophosphate;Urea phosphate;Urea orthophosphate;Urea dihydrogen phosphate;Bepikor 1;Urea compd. with phosphoric acid (1:1)


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